Little steps can add up to big results! Let’s work together to get you back to your most vibrant, Energetic self!

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Hello! I’m glad you stopped by.

Are you feeling tired? Maybe more like sick and tired?

Are you heading for burnout, wondering how you will make it through the day, the month, the year?

Do  you find yourself running out the door, forgetting your lunch and then succumbing to the endless sugary treats and gluteny goodness in the staff room? Is coffee powering you through the afternoon slump?

You’re not alone. Many educators and caregivers are exhausted, undernourished, overstressed, and looking for ways to get back to their best selves: their rested summer selves! 

I can help. I’ve been there, and so have my clients.  With a balanced, individualized approach to nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress reduction, you can become your most vibrant, healthy self.

Through my own journey back to health, and the pearls of wisdom gleaned through the intensive year-long Adapt Functional Health Coach Training Program, I have accumulated many tools that I am eager to share with you.

Come with me on a journey back to health. You deserve it!

I'm Here To Help As Your Health and Wellness Coach

What Is Health Coaching?

work with you to set meaningful goals that will enhance your life.

Hold You Accountable

help you recognize and celebrate both small and big wins and encourage you through tough times

assist you in discovering how your strengths can facilitate your progress and overall wellbeing.

You might have thought of working with someone to help you make progress toward your goals, but wonder:
What actually is a health coach?

What My Happy Clients Have To Say

Working with Joan Young has surpassed my expectations and offered an opportunity for me to reset my mind and body after struggling with health issues and long-term habits that impacted my health and wellbeing in a variety of ways. I am grateful for her kindness, flexibility and approach in helping to shift habits of mind and body in subtle, yet powerful ways.
Annapolis, MD
My life is no more complicated or easier then anyone else in this world, my struggles and perceptions are mine alone. Joan has helped me to step back and see them from a different perspective but without judgement or suggestion. Joan has helped me acknowledge and accept where I am and possibly why and then gently guides me to how to get where I hope to be or need to be but with the caveat of somehow allowing me to come up with the possible tools or direction needed to get there.
Happy Client
Working with Joan has forced me to really reflect on what I want out of this health journey and what realistic expectations are when on a health journey as opposed to this fantasy in my head. Turns out I was really expecting my life to come together when I lost the weight, that everything that was a part of this vision of myself hinged on my ability to be thin, but really healthy has so much more to do than outward appearance, and it takes a long time.
San Francisco, CA

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