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Pre-empt the Doughnut Monster

You know the drill. You’re tired, it’s raining, and your usual self-control has left the building. You’ve committed to cutting down or even cutting out the sugary, processed treats because they make you feel like crap, but you walk into the faculty room and there they are: cronuts, maple bars, and brownies, oh my!  One bite turns into twelve and suddenly you’re sluggish and feeling blah. 

Although we may think self control is endless, and that we should be able to resist temptation through sheer willpower alone, many experts in habit change, such as James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, write about ways we can set ourselves up for success. (Check the link at the end of this post to read Chapter 1 for free!)

Here are a few ways we can pre-empt the negative choice and set ourselves up for a better day:

  1. Make another choice readily available. A few treats I stash in my office are RX bars, (current favorite flavor: blueberry), Autumn’s Gold Grain Free Granola Bars, granny smith apples, and Lilly’s stevia sweetened chocolate bars. 
  2. Have a snack buddy who you can keep you accountable, and share healthy treats with!
  3. Have a mantra for those moments like: Is this worth it? If it is, then be sure to slow down and savor every bite! 
  4. Ask yourself: How will this make me feel? For how long? Often times those impulse bites are joyful for a few moments but our bodies let us know later with a vengeance that they need different fuel!
  5. Start a movement for healthy options for all! At my school this year, a team of kind folks added some gluten free options whenever they put out treats. I certainly appreciated their efforts and hope to add sugar-free to the options this year as well! 

I’m not suggesting that you can never have treats at work, just be prepared so you make an intentional choice that doesn’t derail your day. How do you proactively prepare for the donut saboteur? 


Looking for those resources I mentioned, check out:

Chapter 1 Atomic Habits free download 

Lily’s Chocolate Bars

Autumn’s Gold Granola Bars


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