Nourish to Flourish

Recipes, tips and tricks to Nourish your Body, inside and Out

Self-care vs. Caring for Myself

Words matter, often more than we realize. Take the wildly popular term: self-care What does it conjure up? When I hear it I think of: Bubble baths, massage, pedicures, glass of champagne with the girls? Does it evoke any sort of resistance for you like it does me? Thoughts like, that feels impossible in the

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What Fuels You? Find out With a Food Journal

Maybe your energy isn’t where you need it to be? Maybe you’re completely confused about choosing the right diet plan to lose the pesky pounds that won’t go away? Or maybe, like me, you’ve suffered from innumerable bouts of bloating, perhaps alternating constipation and diarrhea and you wonder if there’s a connection to food. Of

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Pre-empt the Doughnut Monster

You know the drill. You’re tired, it’s raining, and your usual self-control has left the building. You’ve committed to cutting down or even cutting out the sugary, processed treats because they make you feel like crap, but you walk into the faculty room and there they are: cronuts, maple bars, and brownies, oh my!  One

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Little Changes go a Long Way

It’s not always easy to look at food as energy! We’ve been conditioned to see our food as “good” or “bad”, instead of necessary fuel to enjoy. Let’s take a look at what you put in your body each day, and how it makes you feel and function. You deserve to feel your best and

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